Mead Zángana Original
Mead Zángana Original
Mead Zángana Original
Mead Zángana Original

Mead Zángana Original

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Semi-sweet mead with a medium alcohol content, body and carbonation, with the aroma of honey of a thousand flowers, it is carbonated in the bottle with natural fermentation. It is a gluten-free product.

Drink it out of the bottle or in a glass, but we recommend you always drink it chilled.

Presentation: Bottle 33 cl.

Alcohol content: 7% vol.

Food and Drinks S.L. Address: Centro Tecnológico el Sabil s/n 33115 - Villanueva de Santo Adriano (Asturias - Spain) RGSEAA 30.014927/O


Zángana mead is an artisan drink produced in Asturias using an artisan process and may therefore contain sediment resulting from natural fermentation in the bottle.

Ingredients: water from the spring of Las Xanas de Quirós (Asturias - Spain), 100% national honey, and selected yeasts.

Mead is one of mankind's oldest beverages (probably the oldest) and although today it mainly evokes images of Vikings or medieval castles, its use in ancient Roman times and even earlier is well documented.

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