Three Cheese Oscos low salt
Three Cheese Oscos low salt
Three Cheese Oscos low salt
Three Cheese Oscos low salt

Tres Oscos cheese low in salt

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Cheese made with raw cow's milk and low in salt.

Place of origin Grandas de Salime. Western Zone Asturias.

Ingredients:L throwpasteurized cow, calcium chloride stabilizer, rennet, lysozyme preservative (obtained from egg white),lactic ferments and salt.

Presentation vacuum packed piece of 450 grs. Approximate weight.


CATA's notes:Smooth flavor. Fatty material Min. 50% Made with raw cow's milk, soft to semi soft, of consistent and firm paste. Cylindrical. The cut appearance is clean, without cracks or cuts. The texture is consistent, with a light yellowish color. The aroma is smooth, precise, very elaborate. Its bark is firm and yellowish. The taste is soft, buttery, refined, it is left to taste very easily, without contrasts.

Asturias has in its territory one of the largest cheese spots in Europe. In its production, cow, sheep or goat milks are involved, alone or mixed together. The resulting types of cheese are very varied, from soft and creamy to strong and spicy, smoked, fresh, hard, soft or veined pasta, etc. The cheese activity, in its origins, became practically essential because of the need, then, to achieve a safe method of preservation for a surplus of milk, which otherwise was difficult to use in a region of such complex orography and population scattered This cheese tradition has been maintained.

Producer:Industrias Lácteas Monteverde, SA Ctra. De Lugo km, 2 • 33730 Grandas de Salime, Asturias - Spain


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