The beef we sell comes from our own livestock, GANADERA ASTURIANA SA which already has half century of experience. We specialize in breeding and management methods and natural products "Asturiana de los Valles" A very ancient and noble native breed of cattle belonging to the Celtic trunk chestnut coat. Our flesh is of type culón, Copies of which have superb muscular development, with a greater number of muscle fibers and a lower proportion of fat.

The calves were fed breast milk during their first months of life and graze freely in our fertile farms Asturian countryside. Also, their food is supplemented with feed produced by ourselves with grain quality. All specimens follow a level of monitoring, with corresponding monitoring by a veterinarian belonging to the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

Thanks to the implementation of traceability system meat, we guarantee our customers the control and monitoring of the path a product from birthcalf to consumption. Within the period of the first twenty days of life, he identifies each newborn by placing two earrings alphanumeric unique ID and corresponding barcode. In addition to the tags, all animals have an official identification document which also consists of the tag, date of birth, sex, race, identification number of the mother's name on code exploitation and data on the movements and down the animal.

We ship our vacuum packed and refrigerated meat in a special container. For this reason it may appear darker and give off a slight odor of lactic acid at the time of its opening, but its quality is still excellent and the method allows us to preserve them for much longer and that the product reaches its destination in good condition .

El vacuum packaging prevents the action of oxygen, the main enemy of quality and shelf life of fresh meat.

Lack of oxygen prevents the proliferation of aerobic spoilage of meat, allowing storage in refrigerated environments for several weeks without affecting quality, protecting against bacteria during transport, handling and storage.

Still, the process of maturation of the meat does not require oxygen; therefore, the meat that is vacuum can ripen during storage due to its own natural enzymes.

The meat does not lose its quality, keep its tenderness. On the contrary, to be kept in cold storage for several days at temperatures between 0 and 1 ° C, it becomes more tender due to the action of enzymes own meat.

The vacuum packaging ensures longer life of the flesh:

- Up To 20 Days of -1 to +5 for threaded products.
- Up To 25 Days of -1 to +5 for whole fish (sirloin, round, etc)
- Up to 180 days for the product to frozen vacuum.

The normal color of vacuum packaged meat is slightly darker. When you open the package the meat acquires its natural color of fresh meat in about 10 or 15 minutes. If green hues are seen through the package, the purchase must be rejected, as this color indicates decay processes and pollution accidents in the process of distribution and sales (loss of line cold, loss of vacuum, etc.).

When opening bosas of vacuum-packed products, it will be appreciateda soft smell of lactic acid because the gases generated by the process of enzyme maturation of meat during his confinement. This odor is indicative that the meat is packaged properly and in good condition for consumption, disappearing after a few minutes at room temperature.

If frozen meat, to prepare should slowly thaw at least 48 hours in advance better in the fridge than at room temperature.

Never thaw meat in the microwave, hot water or heat, as this will lose its original quality and tenderness, juiciness and flavorcharacteristic.