We want to offer our sincere thanks to our families and friends, all the people who have helped us to take this project forward.

First, we want to make special mention ofChema our parents and LightAnd allour uncles and aunts, Who with their life work and dedication we have shown that truly
"The mundu ye if ye grande'l pergrande heart".They have taught us that the work ethic and personal commitment are attached to liberty, to share small daily and deep love for the country enjoy things. They have managed to build and maintainacross time, geographies and crafts,linkages and complicity between all of us in this greatFamily Ofl River, Which can only be proud: Llamigu, Sinariego, Mexico City, Havana, Miami, Chambas, Tampa, Sydney, New York ... they have given us the biggest and best gifts, lovingly, consistency , effort and dedication without limits.

We want to especially thank his work with our cousins ​​Juan Francisco, Jesus, Luis Antonio, José Ramón Angel Federico Ricardo, Ana, in projects such as Aurora ...LIVESTOCK ASTURIANAand
FOOD Riodi,solid foundation on which rests the same project.

We would also like to acknowledge the work of our excellent programmer
Enrique González;with patience and intelligence has managed to capture in code and realize this project so as to guarantee the absolute trust and confidence of our customers.

Few specialized as our photographer
Kike LlamasThey have captured the philosophy of our project to reflect the first and as he has done an impeccable job of extraordinary difficulty. Thank you, Kike !.

Finally, our thanks to our friendsJuanjo Alonso and Rebeca AriasMarketing experts and web design, project leadersVERDINA,with whom we have enjoyed working together and have been known to condenseand shaping a project that in no way exhausts itself ... because surely continue to grow from now.