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Tastu is a shop specialising in Internet sales that offers a wide selection of high quality gastronomic products, just as the small family shop, RIODI ALIMENTACIÓN, located in the heart of the city of Oviedo, capital of the Principality of Asturias, has been offering its customers for almost 30 years. A selection that is constantly enriched thanks to its team of professionals, taking care of every detail and working to incorporate the most interesting new products on the market into the catalogue.

Tastu helps its customers in the choice of products through personalised advice, ensuring a totally safe and satisfactory shopping experience and transport, to their own homes and with an absolute guarantee.

The four brothers responsible for the project have different academic backgrounds and come from different working environments, but they have a solid experience and all of them share the same passion for their country -which they know is contagious- and for the knowledge of traditional knowledge related to a balanced food production, respectful with the product itself and with its elaboration process, the land and its cycles. The passion, in short, for the enjoyment of the old culinary knowledge that is still preserved in the depths of the Asturian plains and which they have inherited from their family.

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Mª Luz del Río

With a degree in Business Studies and a constant and up-to-date specialisation in Commerce, she has been working in the food sector for more than 15 years. From the small family shop, Mª Luz helps to maintain the solid trust that has been built up day after day over the decades since RIODI ALIMENTACIÓN opened its doors in 1985.

Mª Luz takes care of the business relations with the suppliers of selected products on a daily basis and personally ensures, together with her cousins, that her splendid wine cellar maintains the highest quality standards and that the customers' shopping experience is fully satisfactory. For Mª Luz, only personalised and attentive service, attention to detail and quality guarantee the service that every customer deserves.

Juan Carlos del Río

Graduate in Business Studies and Master in Account Auditing. Together with his brothers and cousins, he grew up in direct contact with the countryside and the traditional livestock culture, on the farms in the fertile valleys of the central-eastern countryside owned by GANADERA ASTURIANA, S.A., the family company dedicated to the care and breeding of Asturiana de los Valles cattle, a native breed that produces some of the best meat on the market.

Juan Carlos acquired between games and snacks with raw milk freshly milked in the warmth of the barn, the culture of work, effort and daily responsibility that the careful care of cattle involves according to the code of traditional management by Asturian farmers and that, since time immemorial, has been passed down from father to son generation after generation.

Jose Luis del Río

Lawyer, Master in Financial and Tax Law and University Specialist in Personal Data Protection. His passion for exploration, knowledge and enjoyment of the natural and cultural environment of his country has led him to practice various mountain sports activities for over 30 years and to set up a rural ecological tourism project (SELE-Casa d'Aldea) with his family in the Borines Valley (Sierra del Sueve, Asturias), a stone's throw from the eastern coast of Asturias and the Natural Parks of Picos d'Europa, Ponga and Redes.

His early interest in new information technologies and in promoting the sensory, emotional and cultural values associated with the products of the land has influenced the professional work he has been carrying out for almost 20 years.

Ana del Río

Diploma in Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary Education, Graduate in Pedagogy. Her professional work in teaching is carried out in Salamanca, where she resides with her family. She never loses contact with her land, any excuse is good to return to Asturias. The need to maintain her connection with her country through the consumption of Asturian products and the development of the gastronomic culture associated with them, makes her realize the convenience of having a store like Tastu available online. In this way, it is possible to maintain a connection with the cultural context of origin even from a distance, enabling its constant development with renewed mixtures according to each individual's own codes.

For Ana, gastronomic culture condenses one's own culture, and its cultivation enables its projection and transmission to future generations regardless of their place of residence, its dissemination and subsequent positive contribution to global knowledge.

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