We offer a selection of high gastronomic value at competitive prices. They are all based products local productions of the highest quality, related to land and convey perfectly the sensory, emotional and cultural values that its own interests. In Tastu committed to quality and cultural and culinary traditions of the country. With our selection of products, we seek to give our customers the balance and respect with which it has been understood in Asturias through the centuries productionfood, in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the natural environment of exceptional value. So Asturian products, an internationally recognized quality are pivotal inspires our selection and move the rest of its component products.

Tastu is not a deli. We want the experience of buying food products goes beyond the simple sensory satisfaction to spend to cover everyday needs without sacrificing the ability to make it through products with soulandreasonable and competitive prices. We do not look at the extraordinary and unique as values in themselves, we seek to help our customers to enjoy the pleasure of casually dining experience, or discovery and reunion in its case-in sensory, emotional and cultural values ground through the products we offer, making everyday intimate link with the origins, bettingone new approach regarding the environment and opening new horizons.

In our cellar we select one by one and add after Add Textthe highlights of the market independently of wine producers or distributors. Ours is a personal selection of the best and most exclusive wines covering different philosophies and styles, always with quality as the main reference, alert to the latest developments. And all with an unbeatable quality / price ratio, in order to give our customers our passion for wine and his world, sharing with them a unique ancient tradition, knowledge and enjoyment.

In our cellar also incorporate a careful selection of the purest Mineral water natural, beers, ciders and perry, as well as liqueurs and spirits and natural juices. We pay special attention to the Cider of AsturiasDesignation of Origin (PDO), which is made from 22 varieties of apples Asturian cider in Regulation of the Regulatory Council of the DOP itself and are grown in orchards registered in its register of producers. Careful control of the entire process fromorigin, guarantees the quality of a variety of products: Traditional Natural Cider, I need pouring and is not filtered; the New Sidra Natural Expression, which requires no pouring and is filtered and stabilized; or the Sparkling Cider, the carbon dioxide comes from the fermentation of apple own and, with its delicate taste dry, can not miss the table at holiday parties and celebrations of all kinds.

Our deli is stocked with the best products, paying particular attention to the exceptional quality of internationally recognized hams and sausages, as well as delicious Asturian cheeses, most of them handmade and exclusive production, the high quality and variety set Asturias as the largest and most interesting cheese stain worldwide.

Virgin olive oils, vinegars, exclusive preserves, vegetablesand unique grains like Faba Asturiana(IGP), jams and sweets, chocolates, teas and coffees, books, utensils kitchen unique and exclusive ...

Toussaint-Samat maguelonne says in his book Histoire naturelle & morale of nourriture what:"... Despite being the region of greatest Normandy cider production in the world ... the best cider that has existed for at least fifteen centuries has the Asturian, which keeps the soft scent of apple blossom."And this is precisely the aim of our project: move the palates of our customers through a careful selection of products, the magical essence of the earth, combining quality and service, tradition and innovation, contributing-for example to ensure that the deep cycles of life that comes to us from the green valleys beat, the Atlantic forests and the amplitude of the Iberian pastures still present in meats and sausages; the heat of the Mediterranean sun follow condensate in the color of a drop of olive oil; that the force of the blood of the land revealed to our eyes follow each new glass of wine; that the aromas of mountain pastures,the air of the peaks and the smoke of the cottages continue expressing itself as it has done since the dawn of time on a piece of some of the best cheeses in the world; or the sweet fragrance of the flower of the apple of Asturias is maintained in the smiles of our customers for many years.

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