Qualify for the offersClub Tastuwill allow you to receiveevery two monthsat home a selection of products specially recommended by our consultants. Enjoy and learn by participating in a unique experience!

Cost of registration:Free
If you are not yet a memberwe invite you to give high here
Price per item:25.00euros


  • To keep abreast of the latest developments to occur, discover, learn and enjoy recommendations of products carefully selected by our moderators.
  • To participate in conferences, presentations, debates and organize tasting products.
  • Having access to discounts and special promotions on the usual price of our products.
  • To obtain discount coupons for shopping at our store.
  • Possibility to purchase products limited availability on the market through special offers.


  • We conducted abimonthly selection(Six times a year) adjusting to the criteria specified below.
  • In the first week of each quarter, we will announce the selection of products in a prominent place in our store and through our newsletter, accompanying afull recordproductselected.
  • Once informed of the offer, customers can benefit from it and place your order if you are interested in the selection.
  • Does not include shipping.

Shipments consist of a varied selection of products and conveniently paired together, accompanied by afull record of thesame, if recipes and information about the respective producers and processing.

The membership offers is completely voluntary and does not involve the payment of fees for membership of the Club of any kind.Only shipments partner acquires in the store are paid.


  • Price 25.00 € / delivery with excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Linking to the land and local culture of the area of ​​origin of the products.
  • Attention to methods of manufacture of the products.

All products selected are a sample of the philosophy of our project and are backed by a team of experts to ensure continued with discovery and sensory, emotional and cultural enjoyment at a great price.