Vino Madremía
Vino Madremía

Madremía wine

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PDO Bull

Variety: Tinta de Toro

Bodega y Viñedos Divina Proveción, SL Address: Cno.del Cristo s / n 49800 Toro - Zamora

Presentation of 75 cl bottle

Alcoholic graduation: 16% vol.

It contains SULPHITES

Bodega y Viñedos Divina Proportion was born in 2009, when they laid the first stone of the winery. In 2010, they planted the vineyard around and in 2011, their first wine was born. The history of Divine Proportion continues and with an exponential projection.
Máximo San José de La Rosa together with his brother Juan know that the soul of a wine is in the vineyards, therefore, they profess a total respect for the land. They are converting all the vineyards (15 hectares of their own and 15 hectares of different wine growers advised by them, all of them from Tinta de Toro) to organic farming and all processes are as respectful as possible with the fruit, avoiding everything that involves mechanical movements or traumatic processes
The result of a job well done is three wines with soul and personality, in which the fruit prevails and the (masterful) use of wood, which accompanies with elegance, never hogging and masking the fruit.
CATA's notes:To discover its best qualities we must let it rest in the glass for a while, and that is when we appreciate its ruby red color, its aromas of caramel and vanilla flower, when we try it it shows agile, unctuous, long and persistent drink, but with the character that gives the grape Tinta de Toro and memories of ripe fruit.

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